Top Lawn Care Products to Use


Online shopping is the order of the day now. People just love it because there is no hassle of walking into various shops just to get the item they want. And it feels so good that almost all things can be found online. Expensive products like mowers are also ordered online. And if you are ready to start the search for a top lawn mower, the internet is still your best one stop shop. You will find extremely many mowers from different brands. The internet presents all these items to you so that you can take the time to compare, contrast and pick the most appropriate.  It is definitely not going to be easy but you also have got reviews to read. These are written by other customers who have bought a lawn mower before. The internet is your best shopping hub and all you need a few tips on what to look for.  Having bought and tested several mowers before, these are our top suggestions for you.




Poulan Self propelled lawn mowers



Poulan is an old company with plenty of lawn mowers and other related products you need to you’re your home lovely. Poulan has great mowing machines and our first suggestion is the Poulan Pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP lawn mower. This Chinese made mower has a wide deck, wide wheels that glide along easily, manual height adjusters and a powerful PowerMore 140 cc engine. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is the other suggestion we have. Using the Briggs and Stratton 150cc engine, this Poulan model has winning mobility features, including wide wheels, a variable speed transmission system and a wide deck with a 3-in-1 setting.




Black and Decker mowers



We have two products we really like that are manufactured by this brand: Black and Decker CM1936 Black and Decker SPCM1936. Both of these are very functional and reliable and have wonderful features. The latter is an electric lawn mower with adjustable height positions, a rechargeable battery, nineteen-inch cutting deck, 3-in-1 system and it does not pollute. The former has similar attributes but it has a 2-in-1 grass clippings management system. These include mulching and the rear bagging system.




WORX lawn mowers




Our leading choice is WORX WG789 model with IntelliCut mowing technology. This is the component that sets this model apart in that it helps the mower glide along the most difficult terrains no matter the weather condition. It also boasts the best rechargeable and removable battery that keeps charge for many hours. WORX WG789 gives you a whopping six height positions.




Yard Machines lawn mowers




Our favorite product is Yard Machines 11A-02SB700.  This lawn mower has a relatively wide 20 inches cutting deck and a power 140ccc PowerMore engine. This engine is a power house even though most people are not familiar with how it works. We also love the quality cuts provided by this model.




Though it is not a very good pick for owners of tough grass, Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is good equipment with three height adjusters. The seven inch wheels on the front and back give this mower a balanced movement when driven along different topographies. Above all this product is a low maintenance one.




Unlike other expensive mowers of a similar caliber, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 requires very minor adjustments as most of its components are tightly bolted on.




Lawn boy mowers




The item we have tested and liked is Lawn Boy 17732 model. Using Kohler XT6 OHV, a Carb Compliant engine, the Lawn Boy 17732 boasts a rear wheel drive with a self-propel technology. Its wide wheels provide good traction while the Tri-cutter system that is included in the 21-inch steel cutting deck provides perfect mulching and great cuts. The bigger bag capacity of this mower is an advantage because it lets you bag more clippings than with other models. Lawn Boy has other great mowers in its product line that we have reviewed before.




Scotts lawn mowers




Though this company has many mowers, our favorite right now is the Scotts 2000. This classic push reel mower has many features that make it outshine several modern mowers, including the Quick-Snap height adjusters, a 20-inch cutting deck, dual wheel tracking and precision blade technology.



As a team that is interested in Mowing products, we have reviewed so many products before. We are familiar with several brands’ products and our all-time best companies include: GreenWorks, Husqvarna, Sun Joe, Scotts, Lawn Boy, WORX, Poulan, Fiskars, Scotts, Toro and Black & Decker. And each of these companies has many lawn mower models.


Choose Among Three Types of Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

 How often do you mow your lawn? Like so many homeowners you probably dislike the whole thing. But there is a secret you should know to start mowing like a pro. It is all about getting a mower that can do your work almost entirely.  There is no other mower that matches this description other than the self propelled mower.


It is the only equipment that will do the hardest job for you. So, if your problem is fatigue, a self-propelled lawn mower is all you need to solve it.  An added advantage is that you can mow really fast and effectively without using your body energy to push.


Also, a second pass will barely be needed. If you have limited mobility or you are an elderly person, you will love this mower. To help you decide whether you want to buy this equipment, we have discussed it in depth as shown below.

Top 3 types of mowers you can buy

Self propelled lawn mowers can be divided into three different types. First you have the electric model. This one is further divided into corded and cordless versions.  The corded design is connected directly to an electric socket and then turned on. Mostly you will press a button and connect the cable and then start mowing.


A cordless version uses a battery that can be re-charged. Some models are sold with a factory charged battery to let you mow as soon as yours is delivered. Others arrive with a new battery that must be charged before mowing. Some batteries may use close to twenty-four hours to charge fully but they retain the charge for longer periods.


Others may charge fast and get back on the charge sooner than you know it. Having known all this information about self propelled electric mowers, it is good to choose yours very carefully. Ensure that you buy the corded design for a smaller yard and cordless for moderate to large lawns. Electric mowers are easy to start and mow with, and they do not pollute the air with oily emissions.


They use motors of different strengths, in terms of amperes.  Gas self-propelled lawn mowers are other options that you can buy. Compared to electric, gas mowers are harder to maintain because they use fueled engines. You cannot make mistakes and expect the engine to keep running smoothly for longer. Gas mowers also pollute the air with smelly emissions and noise, and may be harder to start. 


During maintenance, blades have to be sharpened, spark plugs and filters need to be cleaned or replaced, and the engine’s fuel tank must be emptied and refilled. Are you ready for these tasks? There is absolutely no problem with the way they cut grass. Unless your gasoline or fuel depletes in the middle of a session, you can enjoy mowing with a gas lawn mower that propels itself.


This mower is also known to kick up some tiny particles and stones that may end up hitting a child or you. So it is good to wear eye protection and mow alone. If you are looking for huge mowing power, gas self propelled lawn mowers are the best picks. Reel lawn mowers are the third options. If you like to do extra exercise during mowing choose the manual reel lawn mower.


It requires pushing in order to cut grass but it has great features. This mower may require exertion of force to work but it does not pollute the neighborhood with noise and smoke. Additionally, a reel mower is the cheapest you can find.  If you have more than one inch of height to trim, prepare to sweat a little. So if you do not desire to get tired you should buy between the two options mentioned above.


Reel lawn mowers are not aggressive when cutting grass and so they do not hurl some dirt that may go into the eyes. All the three types of self propelled lawn mowers have different features and they are sold by many different brands. So you should read reviews and compare different mowers.


In this article we have discussed three different self propelled lawn mowers you can find. The reel mower is manual though, but it has modern features that make mowing exciting and quick.  Each mower has its pros and cons, as we have shown above, and you need to know these prior to buying anything. For more information on these mowers, murray self propelled lawn mower reviews